Every Day is Suicide Awareness Day: A Year-Round Commitment to Saving Veterans’ Lives

Oct 12, 2023

The Unwavering Focus on Veteran Suicide Prevention Beyond September

September may be officially recognized as Suicide Awareness Month, but at WarriorWOD, we believe every day is an opportunity to save a life. The urgency to address the devastating issue of veteran suicide and substance abuse deaths doesn’t wane with the turning of a calendar page. It’s a year-round commitment, and here’s why.

The Stark Reality: The Under-reported Crisis of Veteran Suicide

According to the 2022 National Veteran Suicide Prevention Annual Report, the unadjusted rate of suicide among U.S. Veterans in 2020 was 31.7 per 100,000. The rate for veterans aged 18-34 was an even more staggering 46.1 per 100,000. These numbers are not just statistics; they represent real lives that could have been saved through comprehensive wellness programs, individualized nutritional guidance, and sustained mentorship support.

The Hidden Figures: What the Official Numbers Don’t Tell You

It’s crucial to understand that these alarming figures may actually under-represent the true scope of the problem. The VA’s criteria for counting a death as a suicide require the presence of a weapon or a suicide note. This means that other methods of suicide, which may not leave such explicit evidence, are not included in these statistics.

Moreover, these figures only account for veterans who are receiving care from the VA. Countless others, who may not have access to or choose not to use VA services, are not included in these statistics. This exclusion further obscures the true magnitude of the veteran suicide crisis.

The Urgent Need for a Holistic Approach

Given these limitations in the official data, the actual rates of veteran suicide could be much higher, making the need for comprehensive wellness programs, individualized nutritional guidance, and sustained mentorship support even more urgent. At WarriorWOD, we are committed to filling these gaps in care and support, aiming to reduce not just the reported but also the hidden instances of veteran suicide and substance abuse deaths.

The Holiday Paradox: The Double-Edged Sword of Festivity and Vulnerability

While the holiday season is often heralded as a time of joy, celebration, and family reunions, it can also be a period of heightened emotional vulnerability, especially for veterans grappling with Post-Traumatic Stress and other invisible wounds. According to a report by KTTC, military suicide rates have been shown to increase by as much as 25% during the holiday season compared to other times of the year. This alarming trend underscores the urgent need for continuous vigilance and support.

The Emotional Toll of the Holidays

The holidays can bring a mix of emotions, from joy and nostalgia to stress and loneliness. For veterans, these feelings can be amplified by triggers such as memories of past deployments during the holidays or the absence of fallen comrades. A study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders found that veterans are 1.5 times more likely to experience depressive symptoms during the holiday season. The emotional toll can be overwhelming, making it a critical time for increased mental health support.

The WarriorWOD Commitment: No Veteran Left Behind

As we move into the holiday season, WarriorWOD is committed to keeping the issue of veteran suicide and substance abuse deaths top of mind. Our multi-faceted approach is designed to provide a safety net for veterans during this emotionally charged time, offering not just physical but also emotional and psychological support to help veterans navigate the complexities of the holiday season.

Exercise as an RX: A Lifesaving Program

Our “Exercise as an RX” program is at the heart of our commitment. This initiative is based on the principle that exercise is not just a physical activity but a prescription for holistic well-being and recovery from Post-Traumatic Stress. The program incorporates comprehensive wellness routines, individualized nutritional guidance, and sustained mentorship support to offer a complete package for veterans’ recovery.

Measurable Impact: Lives Transformed and Saved

The “Exercise as an RX” program has already made a significant impact, including an 18% decrease in Post-Traumatic Stress symptoms among our participants. We’ve seen veterans regain physical strength, build mental resilience, and develop a renewed sense of purpose. These aren’t just numbers; they are real lives being transformed and saved.

Your Role in Amplifying the Impact

Your support can amplify the impact of the “Exercise as an RX” program. By joining our WarriorWOD Tribe with a monthly donation of $25 (less than a dollar a day), you can help us reach more veterans in need, especially during the vulnerable holiday season. Your contribution can provide the resources needed to expand this lifesaving program, making every day a little safer for our veterans. Donate at https://www.warriorwod.org