Get Involved

WarriorWOD Volunteers are individuals who are interested in supporting Veterans by offering their time or talent to spread the mission of WarriorWOD.
Our Volunteers represent WarriorWOD in their communities and contribute to impacting the health and recovery of our injured Veterans suffering from invisible wounds in many different ways.


The lynch pin of the WarriorWOD program is our Battle Buddies. Battle Buddies are assigned to help program participants walk through their journey to recovery.

Battle Buddies have a similar mindset, set of experiences, and can easily relate, sympathize, and empathize with the program participants.

The mentorship fosters accountability, motivation, and ownership that drives results, ultimately benefiting the veterans in their Post-Traumatic Stress recovery.

Are you a Veteran and want to support other veterans?


At WarriorWOD, we understand that recovery from Post-Traumatic Stress and other invisible wounds goes beyond just exercise and nutrition. While these are vital, we offer more than just a gym membership and nutrition coaching; we provide a comprehensive support system tailored to veterans’ unique needs. We’re not the only element in your successful recovery, but we are a critical and compassionate component. If you’re a veteran seeking a path to healing and empowerment, WarriorWOD is here for you.