CCME Foundation Awards $50,000 Grant to WarriorWOD to Transform Lives of Veterans

Aug 8, 2023



CCME Foundation Awards $50,000 Grant to WarriorWOD to Transform Lives of Veterans

CHARLESTON, S.C. (Tuesday, August 8, 2023) – WarriorWOD, a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of veterans, has been awarded a significant $50,000 grant by the CCME Foundation. The grant, provided as part of the foundation’s commitment to healthcare quality improvement in the Carolinas, will empower WarriorWOD to extend its mission and amplify its impact on veterans’ lives.

WarriorWOD’s “Exercise is the RX” program stands as a beacon of hope for veterans battling invisible wounds. These wounds, often stemming from traumatic experiences during service, can lead to increased substance abuse, self-destructive behaviors, and, tragically, even suicide. With a focus on exercise, nutrition, and mentorship, WarriorWOD is tackling these issues head-on, offering veterans a path to recovery and a chance at renewed purpose.

The statistics surrounding veteran mental health and well-being are sobering. One in five veterans who served in Iraq or Afghanistan experiences Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) or major depression, and the veteran suicide rate is a staggering 57.3% higher than that of their non-serving peers. Moreover, substance abuse among veterans is a deeply concerning issue, with one in 15 veterans documented to have a substance abuse disorder.

WarriorWOD’s program directly addresses these challenges by providing veterans with the tools they need to regain control over their lives. Through a 6-month fitness regimen tailored to individual needs, bi-weekly support from certified nutritionists, and mentorship from fellow veterans who understand their experiences, participants see an average 18% decrease in PTS symptom intensity. By focusing on exercise and nutrition, WarriorWOD also significantly reduces dependency on anti-depressants, alcohol, and illegal drugs.

The grant from the CCME Foundation will play a pivotal role in WarriorWOD’s efforts to transform veteran lives. With this funding, the organization aims to expand its reach, potentially doubling the number of veterans it supports from 150 to 300. By prioritizing exercise, nutrition, and mentorship, WarriorWOD’s “Exercise is the RX” program is making a tangible impact on the well-being of veterans, reducing PTS symptoms, preventing substance abuse, and ultimately saving lives.

The CCME Foundation’s recognition of WarriorWOD’s mission and impact underscores the importance of collaborative efforts in improving veteran health and well-being. As these two organizations join forces, the path to recovery for veterans becomes clearer, brighter, and more attainable.

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Philip Palmer
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“The impact these organizations have within their communities is inspiring, and we are thrilled to support their efforts,” said CCME Foundation Chairman Donald J. DiPette, MD. President and CEO Steven Martin added, “This marks the Foundation’s third year in awarding grants, and it is very rewarding to help fund the many programs that enrich and improve health care in the Carolinas.”

The CCME Foundation was established in 2018 and is funded by Constellation Quality Health, formerly CCME, a separate nonprofit organization celebrating its 40th anniversary as a health care quality consultancy in the Carolinas. Since its inception, the Foundation has awarded $1,032,536 in grants.